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Spoken Word Rwanda (SWR) - the first of its kind in Rwanda, is all about bringing people together to celebrate the expression of self. SWR does this through a dynamic fusion of poetry, story telling, hip hop poetry, beat boxing, song and any other powerful avenue of self expression.

Reflecting the rich multi-lingualism of Rwanda, performances at SWR are in English, French and Kinyarwanda. Poetry readings are done by people from diverse backgrounds that range from secondary school students, performing artists, young professionals and visiting tourists, against a backdrop of different nationalities. From a young audience to an older one, SWR has shown how the love for spoken word spans across generations. This initiative takes place every last Wednesday of the month at different locations around Kigali.

Since its inception on 11th July, 2011, SWR has been a phenomenal success as seen with the number of people who flock to each session, as well as its coverage in the local media. Performers from SWR showcased their talent at the recently concluded Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers Awards dinner, an event that is held every two years by the First Lady of Rwanda to reward the achievements of Rwandan youth abroad and in the Diaspora.

Spoken Word Rwanda was created by two young Rwandan ladies, who are keen on revolutionizing the fledgling arts and theatre industry in the country, with particular regard to spoken word and/poetry.

SWR is a platform that aims to be around for a long time, tapping into unexplored poetic talent that resides in Rwandan youth.

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