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Rwanda Film Festival

Benjamina Street opposite #18 P. O. Box 4065
Tel. : +250 722306480, GSM
Genre : Festival
Column : Cinema/tv

The 2 last weeks of March are now being considered by a growing number of the population as the "dates" of the annual Rwanda Film Festival. Since 2011, it's in July.

The Festival is another exciting experience for both rural and urban population in Rwanda. More films will come, more workshop will be organised, and more discussions conducted so that this event can be not only a passing show but a useful entertainment show for all communities living in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Film Festival's objective is to create two weeks of audiovisual entertainment and educational films, workshops, forums and special events for the citizens of Rwanda. We want to circulate positive and optimistic stories among the Rwandan community from all over the world exposing our country to other realities.

In the 4 corners of the country (Butare, Kibungo, Umutara, Cyangugu, Ruhengeli) and in Kigali.


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